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Your Whole Body Health is our Focus

We get it. There are a thousand gyms and apps and machines for workouts, and online plans can be intimidating. Unless you’ve done personal training in the past, it’s hard to know where to start, what to do, and how to do it right. You probably have a separate yoga studio and massage therapist and trainer, but your weight hasn’t changed and you are still struggling with what to eat. That’s why we’ve designed a monthly membership curated for your needs. All of our memberships include FREE movement assessment and personalized workouts to help you improve strength and prevent injury. Monthly nutrition sessions, yoga, and massage help you stay on track and reduce stress. And all with trusted professionals – what could be easier?

Our Stress-Free Commitment

The WellLife studio and online workouts are designed specifically for your needs and delivered in a setting that’s comfortable for you. We want your experience to feel seamless, and we want you to have all your needs met in one place.

As soon as you walk in the door or join a Zoom session, you’ll feel the warmth we try to provide to each and every client experience. Your workout will be in a spa-like environment, and you’ll be offered water, tea, or coffee to enjoy.

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Our 2021 Holistic Health Memberships Include

How Our Wellness Memberships Work

Step 1: Online Fitness Assessment & Wellness Plan

In the first session, Katy will walk you through an assessment to determine your starting point and current fitness. She'll also give you workouts that can you can do at the studio or at home, with the equipment you have. You'll learn how to do exercises properly so that you avoid injury. Your customized workout and nutrition plan is designed for you to achieve your goals in Online Workouts and/or One-on-One Sessions.

Step 2: Workouts & Monthly Nutrition Session

With our memberships, you'll have access to Katy weekly or monthly, whichever works best for your schedule. During these sessions, your workout will be waiting for you, and Katy will be there to demonstrate exercises and answer your questions. Your monthly nutrition session with Katy help you understand how to keep your motivation, improve your habits, and fuel your workouts.

Step 3: Yoga, Massage, and Ongoing Support

We also offer private yoga with an instructor, or as self-paced sessions. You can also enjoy a monthly massage with the therapist of your choice! You will also have access to your providers via text or email to answer all of your questions. Each month, you will get one online 30 minute Session covering topics like Motivation & Goal Setting, Busting Barriers to Healthy Eating, Flexibility & Core Strengthening, and many more.

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Corporate Wellness

Employee wellness is directly tied to productivity. Let us help your company be well.