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Whole body wellness that motivates you to be your best self. Workouts, nutrition, and stress reduction combine for powerful, sustainable changes for today and tomorrow.

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Gyms are intimidating, crowded, and you do not always know what to do. Getting back into shape can mean getting injured. You don't just need a trainer, you need a professional to help address your mental and physical health.
Our personal training services include strength training, postural correction, lifting technique injury prevention, flexibility, and general fitness.


Sustainable Health Solution

Our Personalized Plans Include Weekly Personal Training Sessions, Monthly Workouts, and On-Demand Massages and Pre-Recorded Yoga Sessions.

Serving busy individuals with our signature program: The Sustainable Health Solution.

This solution includes our exclusive 12-week program to address your nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. Your scientifically-based personalized nutrition and exercise plan will help you stay accountable to your goals. 


One Month of workouts + One Workout = $99

Sign up today and experience first-hand how nutrition, workouts, and stress reduction work together to improve your health. 

Now through March 31st, get a 60-minute workout and plan for just $99.

All services include a FREE Fitness Assessment and Customized Workout Plan, Customized Nutrition Plan & Recipes, Online Yoga Sessions, & More!

Click HERE to learn more about our Sustainable Health Solution included in all our packages.


Now available through March 31st.

What We Offer

We Offer Holistic and Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Solutions to Help You Get Well and Live Better.

A La Carte Services
We serve busy individuals with our signature personal fitness program: The Sustainable Health Solution.


Personal Training

Providing expertise, guidance, and support for safe and effective workouts.


Nutrition Consulting

Serving busy individuals with our signature program: The Sustainable Health Solution.


Employee Wellness

Providing corporate wellness programs to organizations and their employees.


Ultimate Performance

Technique and evidence-based training and nutrition for Ultimate Frisbee athletes.

Serving clients nationwide through both in-person and virtual guidance, self-paced, and live programs – we guide both health-focused problem-solving and preventive care.

We’re ready to equip you and your company with everything you and your employees need to feel better, find your ways to a healthier life, and gain the skills and insight to enjoy lifelong health for the foreseeable future.

Katy Harris brings her passion for fitness and nutrition, public health, and sports science together under one roof at WellLife Consulting, LLC.

Who We Are

Founded by former Duke University clinical researcher and healthy weight loss, nutrition, and personal training expert, Katy Harris, MSPH, CSCS, we’re known for our customized, integrated, and evidence-based approach to health and wellness. Our programs set you, your patients, and your employees up for safe, healthy results both today and tomorrow.

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