If you’re tired of being tired and done with feeling stressed, sluggish, and in pain – worried about increasing weight gain, pain, injury, or inflammation, there’s a better way – your way. We believe with the right, personalized, shame-free support – you can feel better, stronger, and more energetic. You deserve to finally see real results you can maintain from your efforts. It’s time you gained the peace of mind with the confidence you’re in sustainable control of your health both today and for the rest of your life.

Your way is waiting for you – let’s discover it together.

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Sustainable Health Solution, 12 Weeks


(30 minutes)

Personalized Nutrition & MENU PLAN

(Updated monthly)

Personalized Workout Plan & Descriptions

(Updated monthly)

This signature solution addresses both nutrition and exercise to achieve wellness goals. Each week you will have a 30-minute session with Katy to review a short lesson and discuss workouts and nutrition. You will receive a recording of each session, which will be personalized to you. The result will be an understanding of how to meet your unique nutrition and fitness needs for life-long health.

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Try our spring special with a 1-month workout plan + 1 60-minute workout for $99!

About WellLife

The Signature WellLife program is available exclusively to clients and provides both nutrition and exercise solutions for life-long health. Propriety materials, including session PowerPoints, handouts, and activities are available for download following each session. Materials or knowledge gained should not be shared with other parties. Thank you for your interest in Welllife, and we look forward to serving you!

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The Signature Health Solution is offered to all new clients as a weekly program for sustainable weight loss. Three and six week options, and monthly memberships also available. Contact us today find the best fit for you! Reach us by email at ‘’, or schedule a FREE consultation.