Sustainable Solution Plan & Resources

Welcome, Laura! 

These resources are available to help you be successful and stay accountable. 

Good luck, and please reach out to Katy at ‘’ with any questions!

Core & Flexibility

This personalized Core & Flexibility routine includes foam rolling, stretching, and core exercises to prevent injury and improve mobility. This workout can be done as a warm-up or cool-down for a strength workout, or as a workout x 2-3 sets with cardio. Click the links for photos of each exercise.

Download your copy below.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

This plan includes your Macros, Schedule, Menu Plan, and Foods to Choose. Use the 3-day Example plan for options and variety.

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Personalized 5-Day Menu Plan

This menu plan includes 3 example days using the Foods to Choose in your nutrition plan, plus 2 additional days.

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