Personalized Training, Nutrition, & Stress Reduction.

Our Sustainable Health Solution is a 12-week personal fitness & nutrition program designed by wellness coach, Katy Harris, CSCS, MSPH, to help you get well and live healthier and happier, for longer.

Let me guess, you've tried every fitness app, workout class, or fad diet and nothing sticks.

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable in a traditional gym, don’t know what you’re doing, have an injury keeping you back, or simply do not have the time.

Our holistic, one-on-one personalized program at our boutique private gym combines scientifically-backed fitness plans, customized nutrition plans, and personal training to help you reach your goals. From weight loss to muscle building, injury recovery to overall wellness, we support you every step of the way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our Secret to Success

It isn’t rocket science. It is our holistic, personalized, and realistic lifestyle approach. We make it easy to implement scientifically-proven ideas that lower stress, help you lose weight, and make your life happier. Our personal training programs with our wellness coach are built around your life, not the other way around.

Most fitness and nutrition plans don’t take into account all of the unique aspects of a person’s lifestyle and life history. Not only is this unsustainable, it can be dangerous and lead to injury or malnutrition. 

We do things differently. In your intake at our boutique private gym, we get really get to know you, learning about your goals, existing restrictions or injuries, and your lifestyle. Using this information, our wellness coach create a scientifically-backed, personalized wellness plan designed to make you feel better.

Our holistic, all-natural wellness plan changes your perspective on nutrition, balance and exercise. It helps transform lives and gives people the freedom and independence they haven’t felt in a long time – without restrictive diets, pills, or surgery.

We serve busy individuals with our signature personal fitness program: The Sustainable Health Solution.

Everything you need, all in one location: our private gym

We know the challenges you face with today’s demanding and stressful lifestyle. We can now offer our clients accessible, affordable, and convenient support for their health needs, be it online or at our boutique private gym. Our wellness coach is here for you!

Our services include:


In your FREE Session, we will start with a 30 minute Zoom call, followed by a 30-minute in-person Functional Movement Assessment.

You will fill out a short questionnaire so we can get to know you, then discuss your goals and challenges with Katy.

"Working with Katy and the WellLife team helped me lose over 30+ pounds in 3 months. Truly a revolutionary program that is custom made for each client and not rinse and repeat like a lot of diets out there. The WellLife program focuses on making your body work for you, not just you working for your body.

All in all, I Would highly recommend working with Katy and the WellLife program for anyone that wants to lose weight, just be healthier and everyone in between.

Finally a personalized fitness and nutrition plan you'll want to stick with.

This program is for you if:

WellLife Wellness's Sustainable Health Solution is a 12-week individual program designed to help you stay active, feel good, and create sustainable lifestyle changes.

Your Personalized Solution Includes:

PLUS exclusive on-demand resources

Your Customized Plan


Intake + Get To Know You

We begin with a thorough intake process. In your FREE Session, we get really get to know you, learning about your goals, existing restrictions or injuries, and your lifestyle. Using this information, we create a scientifically-backed plan designed to make you feel better.


Sustainable Health Solution

After your intake, you’ll get access to our 12-week Sustainable Health Solution. Each week, you’ll have your personalized weekly workout, and a monthly nutrition session. You’ll learn how eating well and exercising safely feels to you, helping to create sustainable lifestyle changes.


Exclusive Monthly Membership

After the initial 12-weeks, you’ll have the option to stay on our exclusive monthly membership program, available only to our SHS graduates. Each month you’ll get custom monthly workout plans, weekly personal training sessions, and monthly nutrition check-ins. 

Whats included: The WellLife Sustainable Health Solution

When you sign up for the Sustainable Health Solution, you get access to our exclusive educational sessions. 

Identify personal motivation; set 2-week and 6-week goals; goal-tracking worksheet

Learn how to put healthy meals together; portion sizes, healthy snacks provided

Why to regulate blood sugar; identify best meal times

Why food quality is important; green, yellow, and red light foods; Label reading, choosing healthy ingredients

Review of typical restaurant menus; learn how to make healthy restaurant menu choices and healthy snacks

Common barriers, making yourself a priority, eating regularly, importance of planning

Learn how to safely perform flexibility and stretching exercises; example exercises included

Calculate heart rate zones; Use personalized results and exercise preferences to plan workouts; example workouts provided


Learn how to perform basic core exercises with good posture and to avoid low back pain; example workouts provided


Learn technique for intermediate core exercises; example exercises and workouts included


Learn corrective and preventive exercises for core, upper, and lower body; Follow personalized Core & Flexibility Routine

Summary and review; set nutrition & exercise goals for 1 year

The Sustainable Health Solution


Ready to commit to weekly workouts? Below are our most popular packages. 

Want to save $50? Sign up for 6 months or more! 

Functional Fitness Package

$ 199 Monthly for 3 months
  • Monthly Workout Plan + Initial Nutrition Plan
  • (4) Weekly Workout (60 min)

Weight Management Package

$ 299 Monthly for 3 months
  • Everything in Functional Fitness Package
  • (1) Monthly Nutrition Session (30 min) +Menu Plan

Holistic Wellness Package

$ 349 Monthly for 3 months
  • Everything in Weight Management Package
  • (1) Monthly Massage (60 min)

*You’ll get started with the 3-month program, then continue at a reduced price if you join for 6 months or a year!

Not ready to commit to weekly workouts? 

Try our Fitness Light Package with a plan and 60-minute session for $99! 

Ready to learn more?

About Katy, CSCS, MSPH

Founded by former Duke University clinical researcher and healthy weight loss, nutrition, and personal training expert, Katy Harris, MSPH, CSCS, we’re known for our customized, integrated, and evidence-based approach to health and wellness. Our programs set you, your patients, and your employees up for safe, healthy results both today and tomorrow.

I give most of the credit to Katy’s workout programs and health counseling for saving my life when I was struck suddenly with spinal meningitis in 2014. The doctors continued to tell me if I had not been as strong and fit as I was I may not have survived. The kind of guidance Katy provided helped me be strong and functional in a way that goes beyond fitness, to whole body health education and prevention."

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