The WellLife Philosophy

At WellLife, we believe you can feel better and live a longer, healthier life. We also believe that with the right support, you are the best person to get yourself there.

That’s why we give you the personalized, future-focused support and confidence you need to feel better both today and tomorrow. As you may have already seen, our current healthcare system and most weight loss, fitness apps, and other programs don’t set you up for lasting success. Too often, they prescribe you pills, send you to surgery, ask you to starve yourself, try crazy diets, or work out for hours on end with little to no results. They miss what you need most – customized guidance that meets you where you are, keeps your goals in mind, and helps you reach them in holistic, integrated, and lasting ways.

I know what else is out there because I founded WellLife Wellness in 2014 after a career working in clinical research at Duke University, spending 8 years as a master personal trainer, and having earned a master’s in public health – studying obesity and weight loss at the renowned UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. After spending more than 15 years working in health, wellness, and fitness from every angle – from overseeing MRI’s to running a spa weight loss program to training national athletes – I’ve created integrated solutions that have that greater perspective, too. Because I know firsthand that a workout program is useless if it doesn’t make sense for your body and daily life. A nutrition plan won’t matter if it doesn’t address the psychological aspects of eating, stress, and the other factors that affect what and when you eat. And having trained hundreds of clients, I know that you won’t see direct, sustainable results if you aren’t set up to do these things with a real plan and an expert guide to help you see it through.

At WellLife, we know you can find the right balance that works for you if you have the right support – so that’s what we work towards making possible. We partner with you and embrace helping you as a whole person with a holistic approach that gives you lifelong skills and perspective. We help you see that being healthy, exercising, and losing weight isn’t that hard if you know what can work well for you. You can work out in less time with better results. It’s possible to go grocery shopping, choose foods, and make meals that both taste good and feel good. And you can take back control of your own health and only have to turn to the healthcare system for what it does best – treating acute issues, rather than preventable ones.

Because we believe when you can take great care of yourself, you can do the work that you’re meant to do and live the long, healthy life you deserve. And helping you find a path to that is the work we’re meant to do. So, if you’re ready for a new chapter and a partner who believes in helping you discover your best way to a healthier life, we’re in. Let’s get started!


Katy Harris, MSPH, CSCS

CEO, WellLife Wellness