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Why Choose A WellLife Membership?

We get it- there are a thousand gyms and apps and machines for workouts, and online plans can be intimidating. Even if you’ve done personal training in the past, it’s hard to know where to start, what to do, and if you are doing it correctly. You probably have a separate yoga studio and massage therapist and trainer, but your weight hasn’t changed and you are still struggling with what to eat. That’s why we’ve designed a monthly membership curated for your needs. Did we mention the on-site massages that are included in your membership?

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All our memberships include:

Monthly Studio Memberships

Holistic Health

$ 399 / month*
(Add private Yoga $449)
  • (1) Private Workout per Week (60 minutes)
  • (1) Private Nutrition Session per Month (30 minutes)
  • (1) Massage per Month (60 minutes)
  • (1) Personalized Workout & Menu Plan (monthly)
  • Access to WellLife yoga, resources & recipes

Functional Fitness

$ 299 / month
(Add weekly menu plan $349)
  • (1) Private Workout per Week (60 minutes)
  • (1) Private Nutrition Session per Month (30 minutes)
  • (1) Personalized Workout Plan (monthly)
  • Access to WellLife yoga, resources & recipes
Best Deal

Monthly Wellness Membership

$ 199 / month
(Add monthly workout plan $249)
  • (1) Private Workout per Week (60 minutes)
  • (1) Personalized Nutrition Plan (monthly)
  • Access to WellLife yoga, resources & recipes

Memberships available to WellLife clients only. Start with our Sustainable Solution to be eligible for memberships. Private yoga available by appointment only.

Not ready for a monthly commitment?

ask about our Wellness Solution Start-up Packs

This option allows you to begin working on wellness goals with no monthly commitment. Studies show inflammation is a common cause behind many common health concerns, including weight gain, high blood pressure, and injuries. Preventing the build-up of stress and keeping your body moving is the key to enjoying your life, rather than being stuck in the cycle of injury and recovery. Start-up packs include:

start-up pack*

30 min sessions (recorded)

3-Pack – $229 per session 

6-Pack – $175 per session

12-Pack – $147 per per session

*Add workouts, massage, and/or yoga, to any start-up pack! Additional costs apply. Pay-in-full discounts available.

Focused Wellness Sessions & Topics

Your eating and exercise habits can either help or hurt your ability to recover, and everyone’s needs are different.  Focused Wellness Sessions help you address your nutrition and workout goals to maximize your results. Choose from the topics below for your personalized package.

Nutrition Topics

Exercise topics

$97 per session

*Private wellness consultations available upon request. Special pricing available for WellLife clients.