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'Sustainable Health Solution'
for Employees

Why Employee Wellness

The rising costs of healthcare and preventable disease make workplace wellness a worthwhile investment for companies. WellLife offers many options for employees to participate, giving small and mid-size businesses an advantage over the competition.

Employee wellness results in a...

According To Peer-Reviewed Research, Wellness Programs Can Achieve The Following For Companies:

0 %
Reduction in absenteeism
0 %
reduction in hospitalization costs
0 $
Savings for every $1 spent within 3 years

Employees Benefit From

Healthy, sustainable weight loss of 10-12 pounds in 12 weeks

Personalized Plan And Programs To Stay Motivated

Nutrition Education To Help Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle‚Äč

Basic exercise routines for the gym, home, and on-the-go

Employees Receive

Weekly Group Session with Powerpoint, activity, and handout

Personal support for stress reduction, goal-setting, and motivation

Easy Recipe Book for eating at home

(12) Self-guided yoga sessions and meditation tips to reduce stress

About WellLife

Katy brings her passion for fitness and nutrition, public health, and sports science together under one roof at WellLife Consulting, LLC. The WellLife Corporate Wellness program combines concepts from academic research, public health, personal training, and nutrition to redefine achieving wellness and fitness.