Margaret's Workout Plan

Welcome, Margaret!

Below are your workouts and schedule for October. Click the link below to access a print-friendly PDF. 

Workout Schedule

Follow this schedule to stimulate but not overwhelm the immune system.








Cardio & Core






Cardio & Core

Before Workout

Light Cardio

  • Do light cardio for about 5 minutes. E.g. walk, jog, bike, elliptical, rower, swim, etc.

Foam Roll

Lightly roll 5-10 times on tight areas to increase blood flow:  


Stretch tight muscles for no more than 3-5 seconds, x 3-5 times per area:

Core Workout

  • Complete x 1 set of Core exercises before a workout to activate muscles.
  • Complete x 1-2 sets after strength or cardio workout to build strength.
  • Increase sets and reps as you improve.


Sets & Reps

x 10 x 3” (second) hold

x 30” (seconds)

Abbreviations: SB = Stability Ball MB = Medicine Ball DB = Dumbell

Endurance Workout

Complete exercises in the order listed, with 1 minute rest between exercises.
  • Weeks 1 & 2: Complete x 1-2 sets.
  • Weeks 3 & 4: Complete x 2-3 sets.
  • Start with Wall Sit Warm-up x 30-60” (seconds)


Sets & Reps

x 15 each leg, OR 2 minutes

Step Forward / Back with Chest Fly (No Video)

x 10 OR 1 minute

x 10 OR 1 minute

x 10 each leg, x 10 both legs

Reach-Ups (No Video)

x 12

Abbreviations: SB = Stability Ball MB = Medicine Ball DB = Dumbell

Cardiovascular Exercise

Follow this schedule to gradually increase intensity and avoid injury.

Week 1

  • Walk continuously for 15 minutes
  • Repeat x 3 times per week

Week 2

  • Walk up a hill at a slight incline for 2 minutes
  • Walk back down the hill to recover
  • Continue for 15 minutes
  • Repeat x 3 times per week

Week 3

  • Walk continuously for 20 minutes
  • Repeat x 3 times per week

Week 4

  • Walk up a hill at a slight incline for 2 minutes
  • Walk back down the hill to recover
  • Continue for 20 minutes
  • Repeat x 3 times per week

After Workout


  • Hold static stretches on tight areas x 10-30 seconds each
  • Stretch groin, chest, and neck.

Foam Roll

  • Roll calves, lats and any other tight areas for 1-2 minutes each

Exercise Descriptions

Core Workout

  • Lie on your back with your arms by the sides, knees bent and the feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. Place a towel under the low back, slightly rolled, just above the waist.
  • Hold the low abdominals engaged by pushing the towel into the floor, then lift one foot off the floor and extend the leg with the quad, pulling the toe up toward the shin. Keep the knees in line.
  • Reengage the low abdominals as you slowly return the foot to the ground, without rocking sideways.
  • Continue alternating extending the legs, holding the hips as still as possible and breathing normally.
  • Keep the low abdominals ‘drawn in’ the belly toward the spine, gluts engaged as you lift and lower the leg.
  • Start in quadruped position (on the hands and knees) on the bench, with the hands directly under the shoulders and knees under the hips.
  • Lift one knee and the opposite hand and balance, elbow at 90 degrees. Extend the arm and leg away from the body at the same time, engaging the quad and elbow, arm straight by the ear and thumb up.
  • Keep the hips and shoulders square to the ground, and extend the leg and elbow fully. Repeat for indicated number of reps.
  • Lie on your back with the knees bent at hip width apart, toes straight and knees directly over the toes.
  • Holding the arms by the sides to balance, press down through the and lift the hips until they are in line with the shoulders and knees.
  • At the top of the motion, squeezing the gluts together to full extend the hips, and hold for 3-5 seconds each repetition.
  • Slowly lower the hips to the ground and repeat.
  • *Double leg not shown.
  • Lie on one side with the legs straight, shoulders and hips stacked, holding the head in one hand.
  • Line up the top toe with the bottom leg heel, and lift the heel up as far as the leg will go while still keeping the hips stacked.
  • Do not let the toe rotate outward.
  • Keep the core stable and engaged while the leg moves.
  • Lean with your back against a wall with a ~45 degree angle at the hips with the knees straight, but not locked.
  • With the back flat and core engaged, lift the toes by shifting the weight toward the heels.
  • Hold for 2-3 seconds, then release and slowly lower the toes to the ground.
  • Repeat until all repetitions are complete.
  • *Wall not shown.

Exercise Descriptions

Endurance Workout

  • Start standing on one leg, holding the opposite leg slightly bent behind the body. 
  • Reach the leg off the ground about 1 stride back, keeping the weight over the front leg.
  • Bend the forward knee slightly keeping the shin perpendicular to the ground, and lean forward toward the knee with both hands with a flat back.
  • Push down through the forward leg to return to standing position. Use the hands to push off slightly and assist if needed.
  • Keep the shoulders and hips square to the ground and over the feet.
  • *Modified (step back) not shown.

Step forward / Back with chest Fly (No video)

  • Starting at the back of the mat, step forward about 1 stride with the left foot, then step forward with the right foot, feet together. 
  • Immediately step backward with the left foot, then back with the right foot so the feet are together. Continue leading with the left leg until all repetitions are complete.
  • As you step forward and back, lift the elbows up to shoulder height at 90 degrees. Using the chest and back muscles, open and close the elbows as you step. Pull the shoulder blades back and down as the elbows reach together behind you.
  • Keep the head neutral, core engaged.
  • Start in push-up position on a wall with shoulders directly over the hands, core engaged, and a straight line between the head, shoulders, hips, and feet.
  • Bend and drive one knee and toward the chest and touch the foot to ground, keeping the toe flexed up toward the shin.
  • Extend the leg back with the glut and quad and repeat immediately on the other leg.
  • Keep the hips still and in line with the shoulders and feet.
  • Start seated with a band around both legs, just above the knees.
  • Pull one knee away from the center of the body, keeping the hips and other leg completely still (the band will pull against the legs, so contract the muscles to resist). Repeat for all reps on each leg, then pull both legs apart. 
  • Place the hands on the hips to stabilize and feel the muscle engage. Sit slightly forward on the hip bones, with the back flat and shoulders back and down.
  • *Seated position not shown.

Reach-ups (No Video)

  • Start lying on your back with the knees bent and feet hip width apart, hands clasped over the thighs with elbows extended.
  • Reach the chest and hands toward the knees (without touching the thighs) as quickly as possible.
  • As soon as the shoulders touch the ground, quickly lift the chest toward the knees on a count of 2 repetitions per second.
  • As an added challenge, hold a dumbell OR medicine ball with the arms extended.