Lina's Workout Plan

Welcome, Lina!

Below are your workouts and schedule for March.

Click the link below to download a PDF of your workout.

Workout Schedule

Follow this schedule to stimulate but not overwhelm the immune system.


Cardio & Core








Cardio & Core





Before Workout

Foam Roll

  • Lightly roll 5-10 times on tight areas to increase blood flow.
  • Roll hips, quads, calves, upper and lower back. 


  • Stretch tight muscles for no more than 3-5 seconds
  • Stretch hips, quads, calves, chest, arms, and neck
  • Repeat x 3-5 times per area.


  • Complete x 3-5 reps each of Core Exercises 1-3 below, including Clam Shells, Push-up Position knee drives, and 1/2 squats with band.

Upper Body & Core

Complete x 1-2 sets after a strength or cardio workout.


Sets & Reps

Foam Roll Piriformis
x 30'' (sec) each side
Knee Tucks on Sliders (No Video)
x 15
Hamstring Stretch on Back (No Video)
x 30''

Abbreviations: SB = Stability Ball MB = Medicine Ball DB = Dumbell


  • Weeks 1 & 2: Complete x 1-2 sets.
  • Weeks 3 & 4: Complete x 2-3 sets.


Sets & Reps

x 10 @65#
Band Forward/Back Walks (No Video)
x 2 down and back
Oblique Crunches (No Video)
x 20

Abbreviations: SB = Stability Ball MB = Medicine Ball DB = Dumbell

Cardio Workouts

  • Day 1 Workouts are done ideally on an equivalent cardio machine (e.g. bike, rower, elliptical, swim, etc.) at the intervals suggested, 1x/ week.
  • Day 2 workouts may be jogging, focusing on proper running technique and stopping to stretch if needed.
  • Before any cardio workout, do a warm-up at an easy pace for 5-10 minutes.
  • Calculate your heart rate zones or use a scale of ‘rating of perceived exertion’ from 1-10 (10 being hardest).
  • You may also use your calculated Heart Rate Maximum if known.

Day 1

Jog x 3′ (minutes)

Walk x 2′ (minutes)

Continue for 20′ (minutes)

Repeat this workout 2-3 times per week.

Day 2

Walk x 20′ (minutes)

Repeat this workout 1-2 times per week.

After Workout


  • Hold static stretches on tight areas x 10-30 seconds each. 

Foam Roll

  • Roll hamstrings and piriformis for 1-2 minutes each or until they release.

Exercise Descriptions

Core Workout

Active Piriformis Stretch

  • Start on the hands and knees and bend one knee toward the chest between the shoulders, with the knee at 90 degrees. 
  • With the hands or elbows on the ground, sit into the stretch keeping the hips facing the ground. 
  • Keep good posture in the upper body, and shoulders back and down.
  • Start seated with the chest slightly off the bench and holding the dumbells with the palms facing each other, wrists directly over the elbows, and core tight. 
  • Extend the elbows overhead with the triceps, keeping the dumbells over or slightly behind the shoulders (on railroad tracks). Try to keep the dumbells from touching (sometimes touch in video, try to avoid this if possible). 
  • Keep the shoulders down away from the ears and good upper body posture through the full range of motion. 
  • *Variation: To increase range of motion, alternate arms if hands come in front of the body. Push the shoulder down as the elbow extends before returning to starting position.
  • Stand holding one handle of a double chord band fixed to a surface with the arms straight and at waist height. Start with a slight tension in the band, leaning back slightly with pronated grip.
  • Complete a row bending the elbows and pulling the band toward you, shoulders back and down. 
  • Return the hands to starting position, then complete a pull-down keeping the wrists straight, and pulling the palms toward the thighs and shoulder blades back and down.
  • Let the shoulders move forward with the band but keep down away from the ears.
  • Switch legs after half the repetitions are complete (Row + Pull-down = 1 Repetition).
  • *Row and single leg not shown. 

Knee Tucks On Sliders (No Video)

  • Start with the feet placed on two sliders and hands under the shoulders in push-up position, arms and legs extended.
  • Keeping the weight over the hands, tuck the knees toward the chest, keeping the hips down toward the heels. 
  • When the knees have passed the hips, extend the legs and use the core to stabilize.
  • Keep your weight over your hands at all times, directly under the shoulders.

Hamstring Stretch on Wall (No Video)

  • Lie with your hips in a doorway with one leg up on the wall.
  • Keeping the back flat and quad engaged, walk the heel up the wall as you feel the knee straighten and release.
  • Relax the head, neck, and shoulders.

Exercise Descriptions

Strength Workout

  • Start standing with hands on a hex bar in a low squat position with thighs parallel to the floor, knees hip width apart and chest over the feet. The back should be flat and spine straight.
  • Push through the heels and engage the hamstrings, gluts, and quads to stand up with the weight, gripping tightly with the palms toward the fingers. 
  • Extend the knees and hips fully with shoulders back and down, then slowly lower the weight to starting position and repeat, sitting back and tilting the hips slightly forward as you bend the knees. 
  • *Keep the elbows extended at all times. Hex bar not shown.
  • Start standing on one leg, holding a dumbell or kettlebell upright with the arms straight, the opposite leg slightly bent behind the body. 
  • Reach down toward the ground with the weight, keeping the back flat and head in line with the spine. 
  • Keep the shoulders and hips square to the ground and over the feet.
  • *Weight not shown.
  • Start seated with the hands holding a weight on the chest.
  • Lie back to the ground, reaching the chest back and up quickly to sit up with the elbows wide.
  • Go as quickly as possible between reps, but pause slightly if needed at the top for maximum speed at the bottom. 
  • *Weight on chest not shown.
  • Start laying on your stomach in a hip extension machine set just below hip height, holding a weight in the hands across the chest. 
  • Lower the chest to parallel with the floor, keeping a flat back. 
  • Dig in with the heels on the ledge provided (upwards), and lift the chest to the starting position using the gluts and hamstrings. 
  • Lower the chest slowly before beginning the next rep.

Band Forward / Back Walks (No Video)

  •  Start with a band around the ankles and feet hip width apart. The band should have medium tension.
  • Sit back slightly with the hips and bend the knees slightly so the shins are angled about 10 degrees. Keep the shoulders back and down and back flat.
  • Step forward with the left foot, keeping the feet at least hip width apart, and the right foot down. Shift the weight to the left foot, then bring the right foot forward past left in a walking motion. 
  • When all repetitions forward are complete, step backward for the same number of steps. Keep tension in the band at all times and the hips tilted back slightly and back flat while walking. 

Oblique Crunches (No Video)

  • Lie on your side with the knees bent at 90 degrees and feet together, hips and shoulders stacked. Hold the lower arm straight on the floor, and the other hand behind the head with the elbow point upward.
  • Crunch the shoulder toward the hip, keeping the hips and shoulders stacked and elbow in line with the body.
  • Return to the starting position in a controlled manner and repeat.