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Deanna's Workout Plan

Welcome, Deanna! 

Below is your workout plan for October

Click the link below for a print-friendly PDF.

Workout Schedule


Day 1


Day 2


Day 1


Day 2


Day 1


Day 2



Before Workout

Foam Roll

Roll areas in Flexibility Workout lightly 5-10 times each. Areas include calves, piriformis, hamstrings, quads, upper back, and lats.


Stretch these areas for 5-10 seconds, x 5-10 reps each. These include hamstrings (standing and on back with 1 foot on wall), hip flexors, quadspiriformistriceps, chest, and neck.

Day 1 Exercises

  • Complete these exercises after a light warm-up, foam rolling, and stretching.
  • Complete 1-2 sets, with 1-2 minutes rest between sets.



x 10-20 reps @ 10#

x 10 each side

Modified Reach-ups

x 10

SB = Stability Ball MB = Medicine Ball DB = Dumbell

Day 2 Exercises

  • Complete these exercises after a light warm-up, foam rolling, and stretching.
  • Complete 1-2 sets, with 1-2 minutes rest between sets.



x 10 x 5#

Wall Shoulder Raise with Ball

x 10

Figure 8s on 1 leg

x 10 each leg

x 20 each leg

SB = Stability Ball MB = Medicine Ball DB = Dumbell

After Workout


  • Stretch tightest areas for at least 30 seconds – 1 minute after workout to lengthen before cooling.
  • Connective tissue around the joints can take longer to stretch since they do not get as much blood supply.

FOam Roll

  • Roll tightest areas after a workout or on ‘OFF’ days to allow breakdown and release of tissue (at least 10 seconds).

Day 1 Exercise Descriptions

Click On Title For Video

  • Start standing holding the band in each hand with some tension, elbows directly in line with the wrists. Stand with one foot slightly forward and the knees slightly bent.
  • Press forward to extend the elbows, keeping the elbows in line with the wrists. Keep the shoulders away from the ears as the arms straighten.
  • Resist the band while pulling the hands back to starting position. 
  • Keep the elbows in line with the wrists (as if on railroad tracks) at all times (i.e. keep the wrists the same distance apart the whole range of motion).
  • Start lying with your back flat and shoulders, head, and neck flat on the floor with the knees bent, holding the dumbell with the wrist directly over the elbow and a pronated grip (palm facing the feet).
  • Engage the core so the back is flat, then press the dumbell up, extending the elbow with the tricep while keeping the shoulder back and down on the floor. 
  • Lower the weight to the floor and repeat, using the opposite side oblique and gluts to keep the core stabilized during the full range of motion.
  • *Single arm not shown.
  • Start seated holding a dumbell overhead with the palms facing each other.
  • Keeping the elbows still, bend the elbows and lower the dumbell until the forearms are at 90 degrees. Straighted the elbows to starting position and repeat.
  • Fully extend the elbows each rep, keeping the shoulders back and down away from the ears.
  • Start standing with your back to a wall and the hands by the sides palms facing away from the wall ..
  • Raise the hands slowly above the head keep the elbows slightly bent, shoulders back and down.
  • Lower the hands to starting position on the wall and repeat. Keep good posture with the low abdominals and gluts engaged, spine neutral at all times.
  • Lie on your back with one foot under the knee and one knee bent, holding it with the arm on the same side.
  • Holding the arms by the sides to balance, press through the heel on the ground and lift the hips until they are in line with the shoulders and knees.
  • Extend the hips fully before returning to the ground and gently touching the ground before the next rep. Keep the quad and hamstring engaged through the range of motion, and fully extend the hips with the gluts at the top of the motion.

Modified Reach-ups (No Video)

  • Start lying on your back with the knees bent and feet hip width apart, hands resting over the thighs with arms straight.
  • Reach the chest, head, and hands together toward the knees along the thighs as quickly as possible.
  • As soon as the shoulders touch the ground, quickly lift the chest toward the knees on a count of 1 repetitions per second.
  • *To modify, place the hands behind the head.

Day 2 Exercise Descriptions

Click On Title For Video

  • Stand holding the handles of a double chord band fixed to a surface with the arms straight, hands at shoulder height.  Start with a slight tension in the band, leaning back slightly with upright posture and a pronated grip (palms down).
  • Pull the bands toward you and bend the elbows, pulling the shoulder blades back and down as though pinching a pencil.
  • Resist the band slightly as you return to the starting position, and repeat for the indicated number of reps.
  • Start with one hand on a bench holding a dumbell under the chest, arm straight. 
  • Pull the dumbell with the elbow to 90 as if into the back pocket, feeling a pinch in the shoulder blades. 
  • Keep the hips square to the ground as you pull, then return the hands to starting position and repeat.
  • Start seated or standing holding two dumbells with the arms straight and palms facing up.
  • Pull the palm toward the shoulder with the bicep, until you feel a ‘crunch’. Keep the elbow locked to the side and still. Return the hand to starting position and repeat on the other side.
  • Modification: Try doing one arm at a time, then both arms together = 1 rep.
  • *1/2 kneeling position and palms up not shown.

Band shoulder 'Spreaders' (No Video)

  • Start standing holding a single band of a double chord with a wide grip and some tension. Hands should be wide enough to comfortably go over the head while still holding the band.
  • Keeping the hands at shoulder height. Spread the hands apart with the elbows straight, using the back to pull the shoulder blades together until the hands are in line with the body. 
  • Hold a tight grip and some tension on the band, keeping the shoulders back and down as the hands spread apart.

Single Leg 3-Way Reach (No Video)

  • Start standing on one leg, hands on the hips.
  • Reach forward about 1 stride with the heel and touch the ground gently while still balancing on the other leg.
  • Return to starting position, then reach out to the side as far as possible and touch the ground gently with the toe while still balancing. Repeat by reaching backwards = 1 rep.
  • Stay balanced and fully extend the knee and hip each time the foot returns to starting position.
  • Start lying on one side with the head supported in one hand and both legs straight, with the shoulders and hips stacked (one directly on top of the other).
  • Place the top leg slightly behind the other leg, lining up the toe with the bottom heel. Lift the top leg, keeping it straight with the quad and toe pulled up to the shin, and lift it up as high as possible with the side glut muscle (gluteus medius), keeping the core engaged and hips stacked.
  • Place one hand on the top hip to stabilize the hip and feel the muscle engage. Slowly lower the leg and repeat.